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Dogs Life Project

Study by Roslin Institute and Royal Dick Veterinary School, Edinburgh

of Labrador Puppies born 2010-12 and followed into adulthood

To identify the most common diseases in labradors and attempt to estimate incidence and prevalence

DogsLife Project -minutes of meeting to present project

Link to Dogs life Website

Mast Cell Tumours in Labradors Animal Health Trust request for samples

Hereditary Cataract

Call for DNA swab samples from Labradors who have been diagnosed with Hereditary Cataract
Dogs who are clear on KC / BVA Eye Certificate= No Cataract at 8 years and over

***NEW ***Animal Health Trust Research

Inherited Cataracts

Bilateral, Posterior Subcapsular type that develops between 1.5 yrs and 3 yrs of age

Call for blood samples from affected dogs


Optigen Research

Iris Melanoma

Study to identify the gene mutation responsible for eye - Iris Melanoma (Cancer) in Labradors and Golden retrievers - call for blood samples from affected dogs

Optigen Research