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Health Tests for the Labrador Retriever  
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Health Tests

The Health Sub Committee have compiled a table of all heath tests for inherited diseases currently available for labradors.

Recommendations on when and which dogs to test

Guidance on breeding depending upon inheritance

Skeletal Dwarfism - Info on this condition

Guidance on Tests for Inherited Diseases in the Labrador

How and where to get DNA tests done

DNA tests are done on blood or buccal swab, the dog must be identified by microchip or tattoo and the identity of dog should be independently verified by a vet. Each laboratory will specify amount of blood and type of tube required so check this before going to the vet to take blood.

Guidance on taking swabs



EIC University of Minnesota

PRA Optigen


CNM Laboratory


Animal Health Trust


Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis






Info on Dwarfism








Kennel Club lists of dogs DNA tested for inherited diseases

There are seperate lists for Clear = Normal
Carrier and Affected dogs

Progressive Retinal Atrophy prcd-PRA

Centronuclear Myopathy

Exercise Induced Collapse

The tests distinguish between clear, carrier and affected dogs. Clear dogs have no copies of the mutant gene responsible for the condition and will neither develop the condition nor pass the gene on to their offspring. Carrier dogs have one copy of the normal gene and one copy of the mutant gene; they will not develop the condition, but will pass a mutant gene on to approximately half of their offspring. Affected dogs have two copies of the mutant gene that causes the condition and will develop the disease

If breeding from a carrier (or affected dog or bitch) they should always be mating to a DNA tested clear dog or bitch (no puppies bred will be affected by the disease but puppies may carry the mutant gene) and the puppies registration documents should be endorsed at the time of KC registration “progeny not eligible for registration” by the breeder so that genetic advice is used prior to any future breeding being carried out.

Check KC registered dog for Health test results

The Kennel Club have an on line search facility where you can type in name of any KC Registered Labrador and get Health tests done, results and dates.

This is very useful to check hip scores, Elbow scores, date and result of latest KC/BVA annual eye test.

Results of DNA tests are also available but not all DNA tests done early - years ago, will be held by the KC. This was dependant upon owners voluntarily sending in results.

Now results are automatically sent to the KC from the Laboratories and logged on the KC registration

Note that it can sometimes take several months to be recorded and appear on Puppy registrations & on the KC website because much of the system is on paper and results have to be manually entered by the KC staff.

Health Test Results